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A Day in the Life of a BNT Tour Planner – Karen Kuch

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A Day in the Life of a BNT Tour Planner – Karen Kuch

BNT Tour Planner: Karen Kuch

Years as Tour Planner: 5 years

Favorite thing about being a BNT Tour Planner:

Being able to create tours:

  1. So people will expand their vision of God’s beauty and His creativity.
  2. They will love Him more as a result.
  3. They have a refreshment of their souls through where we go and within the fellowship of the travels and interactions with the Tour Directors.
  4. I enjoy learning about new places.  I pretty much love everything…the outdoors, history, art, music, gardening, culture, any kind of transportation, (boats, trains, airplanes), and people!

Most surprising thing about tour planning:

  1. How many wonderful places there are to go and experience even within a day’s trip of Lancaster.
  2. The millions of details that have to be worked out for one tour…even one day of a tour.
  3. The hardest thing is watching them go without you after you’ve worked so hard to put them together!  They are creations and I’m always hoping to hear people liked them…

Favorite tours you’ve planned:

This is a tough one!  I loved planning “China”…It’s such an amazing place with SO much history. I loved planning the “Footsteps of C.S. Lewis”  as he has written so many amazing things and has had a great influence. I love our “Creative Day in the Arts” tours because they showcase God’s beauty. And, of course, Mystery Tours can be quite fun…especially the Grandparent/Grandchild ones. Now I have a grandchild that can go on them and we often check them out ahead of time together. I love it when a tour comes together!

Dream tour to plan for the future:

Spain. Every year I try to come up with 8-10 new day trips and Bob does the same for the overnights. If I have an overnight idea for a new tour, he usually lets me plan that as well. Those are the most fun!

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