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A Personal Story of the Prayer March from Tour Director Karen Kuch

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A Personal Story of the Prayer March from Tour Director Karen Kuch

The Prayer March

Fall 2020, Washington, D.C.

This summer, Franklin Graham called the nation to a Prayer March on Sept. 26, 2020. As soon as I heard about it, I suggested we offer this as a ministry trip opportunity. Bob immediately agreed and secured a coach. Then another. Then another. Then another, and so it went until we had six full coaches. In fact, we ran out of Tour Directors and coaches. But we could have taken six more as there was SO much interest. People called from many states…and we ended up with people from Florida, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and of course, Pennsylvania. We had our own slice of the Body of Christ, but we were joining a MUCH larger one.

I’m not a big crowd person, but this crowd, from the packed Lincoln memorial to the WW2 Memorial, had the Spirit of God hovering over it. From the very beginning of a massive crowd singing with Michael W. Smith to the praying with small groups of people all over the plaza, God was moving, hearing and blessing His people. Walking on my own at my own pace, I joined all kinds of people throughout my journey to the Capitol. We had prayer badges with the stops listed and suggestions of what should be prayed for at each stop, but people had spread out across the lawns praying in groups. The shofar was sounded, and God’s people were gathering.

The most blessed time for me was in front of the African American Smithsonian Museum. Since I have a wonderful son-in-law from Sri Lanka who is very dark-skinned and two very precious grandsons with the most beautiful skin, the issue of racial reconciliation is very personal to me. I joined a group of people praying standing behind an African American couple. I couldn’t see who was praying, but she was so filled with the Spirit…so spot on was her prayer…it was like grace being poured out in hope. My eyes started dripping…and when she finished, the couple in front of me turned around. I asked who she had been praying for. She said it was her daughter…a 20 something year old woman who loved the Lord. I was overcome with hope and as my tears flowed, the mother gave me such a wonderful hug, praying directly into my ear to the Lord. This dear sister in Christ…

I was a stranger, but we were one family. I collected myself and shared my great concern over what is happening in Africa (my family had lived in Ghana for 12 years) with the persecution of Christians. The gentleman of this couple responded, “We’re bringing that to the President’s attention currently. I am part of an International Justice Committee and we’re aware of what’s happening and we’re trying to get help.” I was so thankful to hear that (tears again…) and again so blessed that God had brought me together with someone who could do something about the issues. Understand there were literally thousands of people moving around that area. That was a God kiss.

Before the trip, I was nervous about the long walk—the Lord provided places to rest all along the way. I was concerned about the timing of the trips, all the locations for rest stops and meals for our travelers, and most of all, coming home with everyone we started with—all 252 of them as my responsibility. It worked out perfectly. Praise the Lord. When we trust Him, He is faithful! He is able to meet our biggest challenges and not only care about them, but add a blessing kiss on top!

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