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Alaska Land & Sea Photo Blog

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Alaska Land & Sea Photo Blog

Tour: Alaska Land & Sea
Dates: June 15-27, 2022
Tour Director: Patti Olson
Highlight: The Alaska Land & Sea tour is my favorite Bob Neff tour. It is on almost everyone’s Bucket List, and I love showing our passengers the Alaska I love and lived in for 23 years. This year we had more sunny days than normal, and we were there for the longest day, the summer solstice. We also were treated to more animal sightings than I normally see on this tour. What a blessing to tour with a friendly and patient group of passengers as we also conquered the many hurdles Covid has added to travel is year. The scenery was spectacular and really showed off God’s handiwork and creativity. What a blessing to see more of the marvelous world the Lord created.
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