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An Interview With 2021 Preview Entertainment “Then Sings My Soul”

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An Interview With 2021 Preview Entertainment “Then Sings My Soul”

Watch This Special Video Just for the 2021 Tour Preview Season!

We “sat” down for a little chat with Then Sings My Soul Owner/Producer/Writer Kat Prickett…

First, we wish we were gathering in person for our 2021 Preview, but we’ll see you in person for the 2022 Tour Preview in Lancaster, PA! We’re having fun with videos this year, so thank you for going out of your way to send a special message to our BNT Travelers. By the time we meet, we’ll feel like we’re all old friends. So, tell us a little about your group “Then Sings My Soul” and how it all started.

Wow, where do I start! (laughs) I grew up on Billy Graham. My grandparents, Lee and Mildred Peiffer (Lebanon, PA) were instrumental in exposing me to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I remember watching the Crusades on television, listening to George Beverly Shea on cassette tape. I’ve packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with my mother since 1996, and later, became the Media Relations Coordinator for the Lancaster Area team in 2013. I have such a deep respect for Mr. Graham and his ministry. My background is in video production, producing, and also, performing. I had for a long time wanted to put together a program of some kind that featured hymns and their rich histories. Well, when Mr. Graham passed away in 2018, that seed started growing…like a beanstalk! I knew the time had come, and when I started doing research, I was amazed at just how many of the popular hymns of today were “made famous by” or written by someone saved at Billy Graham’s Crusades. I literally wrote the show in a matter of weeks. We are blessed in Lancaster County that there are so many talented artists, and I got to work with some really incredible people to put it all together and bring it to life. The original plan was for the show to have two performances only, as part of a Summer Entertainment Series at the property my family owns and operates, The Red Caboose Motel & Restaurant in Strasburg, PA. That evolved into a week of touring to area retirement communities, the Water Street Rescue Mission, and then two shows in our Barn…which ended up being sold out. We added an encore performance ttwo weeks later at WJTL’s The Junction Center where over 400 people attended. And, the rest….is history!

The group consists of four vocalists. We sing with live music, piano, and at larger venues, we include violin. The show was designed to travel, be performed in any space, and to be accessible to all…and it has! From the living room area of a nursing unit to stages in other states…we love to take this program on the road!

What inspires you when you are creating your show?

First of all, I pray about it! Music also plays a huge part. I often create a playlist of inspirational music and will play it over and over again while I write. I do a little more praying, and then, I’ll start sharing it with a few close friends and family to get their input and feedback. I really love to collaborate and throw ideas back and forth to make a final product.

What experience do you hope your audience will walk away with?

We always hope that everyone leaves feeling a little lighter, a little happier, a little more hopeful. Within Then Sings My Soul, I thought it was very important that this was more than entertainment. That it made people think about these songs…the beautiful words…what it meant to the people who wrote them…and what their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ looked like. We always say, every single show, that even if just one person makes a decision to accept Jesus, or renew their relationship with Him, it is WORTH it!

What is the central message of TSMS?

The central message of Then Sings My Soul is not to celebrate the man that was Billy Graham, but to share the gospel message through the stories of these hymns and songs that are beloved by so many. The message is the same as Mr. Graham’s was his whole life: God loves YOU. Wherever you are, no matter what you’ve done. It’s never too late to start a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How has Lancaster shaped your group/goals/message?

The really cool thing about Lancaster County is that there are so many people here that really appreciate the message of our program and the hymns. Everyone constantly says how much they love hearing them and how refreshing it is because churches nowadays really aren’t singing them anymore. There’s a lot to say about a statement like that. I think hymns, their words, and their stories are so important and so relevant today, if people would just take the time to explore them. It is our hope to continue educating people, including youth!

How have you adapted in 2020? Has it changed anything about you or your show?

2020 certainly was a year unlike any other! We had a wonderful line up planned for this year, including several shows at Sandy Cove Ministries…but that all came to an abrupt halt. Thankfully, being a program that is always touring, we don’t have the crushing concerns that a brick and mortar theater company has. We just hit the pause button. We were able to do a virtual Easter mini-concert, where we all recorded our songs from home and then edited it together. As an extra treat, we rehearsed and recorded an in-person patriotic concert with no audience. We put this on our website and YouTube channel and included some special guest singers. It was a great way to stay connected and share music with an even further reach than had we been operating as usual.

What do you see for 2021 as the world opens up again? We are so excited to get Then Sings My Soul back out there as soon as in-person gatherings are permitted. People are so hungry for connection and music. I just know that it will be very special once we can all be together again.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Wherever God wants to take me!

Do you have a life verse or verse that inspires the group?

My personal life verse, and the one that is the base of LeeP Productions, is Colossians 3:17: “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I live and work and love to the absolute best of my ability—and God gets all of the glory!

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?  

I hope that my children love and live for the Lord, and that they will teach their children to do the same. And, if just one person receives Christ because of something I’ve done, whether it is through seeing Then Sings My Soul, or because of a way I’ve helped them or shown compassion, that is legacy enough for me.

What question do you wish I had asked?

You asked some really good ones, so I don’t think I have anything else

Three words…

Macaroni and cheese. Is that answer ok? (laughs) I must be hungry!



Is there a way to help sponsor future shows?

Yes. All public shows to date have been offered as ‘pay-what-you-will,” so that they are accessible to all people. That is very important to us. Therefore, we rely on the generosity of audiences! I always donate a portion of our proceeds from Then Sings My Soul to the Billy Graham Library. We are not a non-profit, so these contributions are not tax-deductible; however, if you’re interested, “sponsorships” can be made out to and sent to “LeeP Productions, LLC”, PO Box 272, Strasburg, PA 17579. We are also on Venmo @LeePproductionsLLC.

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