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Photo Blog: Canaan Valley Tour With a Big View

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Photo Blog: Canaan Valley Tour With a Big View

For the past few years, the BNT has transported travelers on a Canaan Valley Tour. Canaan Valley was always a mystery to me and this trip solved it! It’s really pronounced “Ca- na-an Valley,” by the way. The valley’s refreshing beauty is revealed in a lovely resort complete with sparkling pools and great hotel amenities. And, the wildlife! No bears. However, we enjoyed watching deer graze in the fields and lawn across from the property’s dining area. We even saw some deer on our way to Blackwater Falls, named for a certain tint of color that seeps into the waters from the trees and vegetation. The water is not black as it turns out, but more tea-colored and beautiful. We also viewed deer from across the valley on a very easy walk from the coach. Raised ramps and steps led us down with viewing platforms to the falls. Nothing refreshes like the sound of water running over the falls!

A Lift With A Inspiring View

After a ski lift ride up to the top of the mountain, we took in a wonderful view from the top, and then, got “up close and personal” on a leisurely train ride. From the mountain heights, we had stunning views of the valley.  Our train rolled along a wonderful creek through the mountains. We finished the evening with a concert in Elkins, called “On the Rails.” A wonderful family performed, covering many wonderful artists from different backgrounds and all kinds of music. It’s fun to see a family with so much musical talent!

Harper’s Ferry History

On our last day of the Canaan Valley tour, we made a leisurely departure and headed to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Harper’s Valley is another place I’d never been to. I didn’t realize the significance of it until after our tour. We looked out over an intersection of four states through the mountains that border this area. The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers join at this location, and it’s so picturesque it is difficult to imagine Civil War forces strategizing and mobilizing within them for battle. Our excellent guide informed us of the Harper’s Ferry history. He was so interesting that we needed more time!

The Wishing Room

After a delicious meal at the Fairfield Inn, we left for home. The remarkable thing about the Fairfield Inn is their “Wishing Room.” As we went to our tables, we noticed coins all over the windowsills. They were sitting out in the open, and some, tucked into the walls. Our waitress explained that the dining room covered an old wishing well. The owners loved the idea and decided to call it the “Wishing Room.” In December, the coins are collected and donated to a charitable cause. What a fun way to make a difference in their community!

Our Canaan Valley Tour had fun together. We sang songs through a powerful thunderstorm, spotted wildlife and the incredible beauty of the mountains, prayed, and shared delicious meals and entertainment together. (And, no, I’m not counting my jokes as part of that!) This is how we connect to one another on a Bob Neff Tour…how blessed we were to have the opportunity to do so in Canaan Valley, West Virginia!

—Karen Kuch, BNT Tour Director

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