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The Strange and Wondrous Great Lakes

If the water in the Great Lakes were released, it would cover the entire 48 U.S. states in 9.5 feet of water, or the North American continent in 3.4 feet of water—or, the entire of North and South America in 1 foot of water! Whoa! In short, there’s a lot of fresh water in Lake […]

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Mackinaw Island Photo Blog

Tour Name: Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay Resort Tour Dates: June 17-24, 2019 Tour Director: Patti Olson Tour Director Highlights: Spring was late in Michigan, which meant that we were there as the lilac trees emerged into full bloom! The aroma was heavenly and easily masked the normal odors of horse-drawn transportation on Mackinac Island. […]

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BNT Photo Blog: Mackinac Island Fall 2020

Tour: Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay Resort Tour Dates: September 15-22, 2020 Tour Director: Grace Heagy Tour Director Highlights: The first highlight of this tour was time spent on beautiful, peaceful, Mackinac Island where transportation consists of horse drawn carriages, bicycles, and walking. Another highlight was Thunder Bay where we watched two elk herds with the bulls […]

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