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Celebrate the Roses Photo Blog

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Celebrate the Roses Photo Blog

Tour Name:  Celebration of the Roses
Tour Dates:   May 25, 2019
Tour Director:  Karen Kuch
Tour Director Highlights: Seeing the beautiful fragrant gardens with such an old mansion was interesting and lovely for the eyes and nose!!  Listening to Silver, Wood and Ivory and eating there was lovely for the ears, mouth, and eyes!  Overall rejuvenation of the senses!
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Thoughts from TD Karen Kuch~

A Four Senses Day

This year, we offered a new tour called, “Celebration of the Roses.” Oh, what a touch of heaven it was! We had a perfect day to visit the Wyck Mansion. It was built beginning in the 1600’s and owned by the same family until the 1970’s. It was modified, but of course, over the 300 years, there were many features and antiques inside that were so interesting. One thing that attracted me to this mansion was their claim to be the oldest rose garden in original plan in America. It was planted in 1824 because, at that time, the lady of the mansion didn’t like being there. So, she planned and planted a rose garden.That’s my kind of woman! It was such a treat to wander the gardens and smell the potent fragrance of these beautiful blooms. Oh, that beauty touches our souls!

The second stop was another beautiful garden we enjoyed outside the home of the women of Silver, Wood, and Ivory. It was a perfect weather day, and their home was beautifully decorated and cultivated, both inside and out. We had a delicious dinner, and then, were so blessed to hear the music these women create. They challenged us, following our “rose theme” with some rose centered music that was so fun!They demonstrated such amazing skills and touched our souls again through the beauty of the music. How blessed we are to have such talent on our doorstep! We brought some of their music home with us as they gave us each a CD to continue to enjoy.

It was an amazing day…a leisurely start and a lovely relaxing day of enjoying the very best of God’s creative beauty…both in smell, looks, taste, and sound! 

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