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Escape to Wonderful Michigan’s Mackinac Island & More This September!

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Escape to Wonderful Michigan’s Mackinac Island & More This September!

Step Back Into Yesteryear On Mackinac Island

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from it all? To escape for a time from the noise and news and concerns of the day? Because 2020 has been a year already! Since we can’t fast forward time, we’re stepping back into yesteryear where the only street noises are the clip-clop of horse drawn carriages and bicycles whizzing by. In mid-September, BNT will ferry across from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Mackinac Island where we’ll spend two nights.

Our tour itinerary is filled with culinary delights, unrushed relaxation, and shopping on your own time. Or, maybe you’d fancy a bicycle ride with the wind in your hair to whoosh away the noise of busyness? The hotels are grand, there’s a rocking chair for everyone, and the scent of fudge is just a sniff away. We couldn’t think of a better temporary escape than this wondrous Michigan island surrounded by crystal clear Great Lakes’ water.

A Few “Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay” Tour Details

On the way to Mackinac Island, we’ll head west by coach from Lancaster and travel toward Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth, called “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” is big “willkommen” to our week-long strolling. On Days 3, 4, and 5, we’ll enjoy Mackinac Island, and then, on Day 6, we’ll head to Thunder Bay Resort stopping by the Call of the Wild Museum on the way.

Thunder Bay Resort offers a step even further off the beaten path with a boat ride featuring glass-bottom viewing wells. We’ll “dive through crystal waters” in search of shipwrecks. Our day wouldn’t be complete without a view of Presque Isle lighthouse and a horse-drawn carriage ride to a five-course feast at Elkhorn Log Cabin.

Our last full day on tour gives the traveler a choice: The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation or walking the streets of Greenfield Village, where “300 years of American perseverance serves as a living reminder.” Of what? Oh, maybe a reminder to slow down. Maybe to enjoy the moment. To embrace all of the wonderful places and spaces America has to offer—all within driving distance!

Watch Elk Viewing at Thunder Bay Resort

If you’ve ever thought you should have been born in a different time, BNT’s “Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay Resort” tour is for you!

Let’s go to Michigan!

BNT Travel Tips for Michigan in the Fall

What to Wear in Michigan in the Fall

You’ll need long pants, a jacket like lightweight packable down, layers, a scarf to double as neck warmer, shoulder throw, and hand warmer. My mother says, “Please emphasize good walking shoes and a jacket…and gloves, a scarf, and a hat. It’s similar to Pennsylvania, but ferry travel can be cold!” Think crisp. Bonus Tip: Pack something with an elastic waist (see Island Treats below…).

Tour Photo Spots: Arch Rock stone, The Grand Hotel porch, Mackinac Island Main Street, Elkhorn Log Cabin dinner, Thunder Bay shipwrecks, Behind the Ears perspective when the horse is driving, Greenfield Village streets.

Mackinac Island Suggestions As You Explore

Treats: 13 Fudge Shops on the Island. Look for this popular island flavors: maple. Not a fudge fan? The island offers other favorites like Grand Pecan Balls at The Grand Hotel, Hot Fudge Cream Puff at Sanders Candy, the Popcorn Ball (peanut butter ice cream with caramel corn) at Joann’s Fudge, Chocolate Bread Pudding at Yankee Rebel Tavern, old-fashioned ice cream at Sadie’s Ice Cream…shall I go on??

Art Galleries: Artistic Mackinac Gallery & Studio, Little Luxuries Artist Market, Mackinac Art Gallery at Murray Hotel, Mackinac’s Little Gallery, Maeve’s Arts, Noel Skiba Art and Oil Paintings by Marlee at Grand Hotel

Gift Shops: Balsam Shop at Surrey Hill, Birches Gifts on Market Street, Cagney’s & Colony Shop & Carleton’s Tea Shop at Grand Hotel, Crazy Horse, Great Turtle Toys, Island Bookstore, Loon Feather and Balsam Shop, Mackinac Mud Pottery, and many more.

Downtown Dining: Carriage House Dining at Hotel Iroquois, Chuckwagon, Doud’s Market & Deli, Good Day Cafe, Island Slice Pizzeria, Lucky Bean Coffee House, Mighty Mac Hamburgers, Fort Mackinac Tea Room (A Grand Hotel Restaurant)…

Free Time: Our BNT “Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay Resort” tour has free time built into the schedule so you can relax or wander shops, or bicycle and explore the town. For more details or to join the tour, click below to visit the tour page.

Tour Director: Grace Heagy

For information and links to other websites about Mackinac Island, visit the Mackinac CVB here:

Mackinac Island & Thunder Bay Resort

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