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Florida Sunshine Photo Blog

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Florida Sunshine Photo Blog

Tour Name: Florida Sunshine

Dates:  March 13 – 22, 2019

Tour Director: Skip VanderSchaaf

BNT Tour Director Highlights: Seeing Florida naturally was refreshing. We started with a tour of Savannah—the Azaleas were beautiful. Then, on to Florida. The Boggy Creek airboat ride, the beauty of Bok Tower Gardens, and Homosassa Springs were physically and mentally refreshing. Some of the wildlife we saw along the way: manatees, alligators, and eagles. The history of the first settlement, St. Augustine (1565), was very interesting, and then, visiting the NASA Space Center made us appreciate the bravery, and sacrifice, of those that have explored space. Quite the contrast between the two places, both culturally and historically. CRU (Campus Crusade) and the story about the extensive reach of their Jesus film project was an amazing blessing and inspiration. The Wycliffe Bible Translation Discovery Center, and The Billy Graham Library and BGEA Headquarters, were also very inspiring and spiritually refreshing. There were so many other places we went, but these were certainly highlights. What an amazing trip with a wonderful group of new friends.”

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