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“The earth belongs to God. Everything
in all the world is His!” -Psalm 24:1

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Mackinac Island and Thunder Bay Resort

“Our tour guide encouraged us to get to know one another and that quickly bonded us into a “bus family.” She was particularly mindful of my husband’s need for accessibility. We could feel relaxed, as Christians, that we wouldn’t go any place that was spiritually uncomfortable.” “Enjoyed not having to drive. Enjoyed being pampered. Loved […]

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Colorado Highlights

It was not a problem traveling by myself as a widow. People were very kind and caring. I appreciated them and the tour guide very much, including her snacks and water bottles. The scenery was breathtaking!

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Trapp Lodge in the Fall

After waiting for years to go to Trapp Family Lodge, we finally made the trip. It was well worth the wait and money. I went to relax and that’s what I did. Thank you for making it possible. This tour brought home to us so vividly the beauty and greatness of God’s handiwork in our […]

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Alaska By Land & Sea

“One of the best Bob Neff Tours trips ever. The tour director and the rest of the group were wonderful. Tour offered a good variety of attractions. As usual, Bob Neff Tours was great to travel with.” “The tour was fantastic and the fellowship wonderful. How could it get better than seeing the handiwork of […]

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Taste of Vermont

I have never stayed at a hotel where the staff was as hospitable as the people at the Horizon Inn. They were wonderful. My wife and I were completely satisfied. We met new friends, and we felt just like family. Our hosts couldn’t do enough for us. Excellent. I have done a fair amount of […]

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Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Deluxe

“The tour was fantastic! We learned so much and had a great time in the process. The daily prayers, devotions and hymn singing created a strong spiritual environment. What a joy to have been a part of this group!” “Fantastic tour with lots of variety viewing God’s majestic creations. Bonus was taking the tour with […]

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Summertime in the Allegheny Mountains

This was one of the many tours I have taken with you and, as usual, it was met with excellence. Thank you. Very satisfied as we were first time on a Bob Neff tour. Would not hesitate taking another.

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2010 Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany

We were very pleased with this tour – one of the best we’ve been on. Our fellow travelers were congenial, the sites visited – outstanding – and our tour directors were knowledgeable and well organized. It was travel without the personal hassle. We want to thank Bob Neff Tours for making this such a memorable […]

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Branson, MO

Branson, MO, was my first long trip by bus, and it was great! I couldn’t believe all we saw during our traveling time. The tour director and driver were wonderful. Bob Neff Tours is the only way I’ll travel in the future. When traveling with Bob Neff Tours , there are no hassles or worries. […]

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Cape Cod & Cranberry Harvest

We had a great time on our Bob Neff tour. It was wonderful to have the feeling of a “kindred spirit” with people you have never met before. We are looking forward to going on another trip in the near future. “As we are from another country, visiting the United States, and joining this tour, […]

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