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New Additions To The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

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New Additions To The Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum have been busy over the past year adding exhibits, renovating and upgrading existing spaces, and adding exciting, new features. Whether this is your first “encounter” or you’re looking forward to returning, these two attractions are unparalled in bringing Bible stories and truths to life.

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Don’t Miss The Newest Additions to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

At the Ark Encounter: “Truth Traveler” offers a new high-tech VR experience, the zoo has been expanded to add lemur and sloths, and a “2,500 Answers Center” hosts daily family programs, movies, and concerts. Of special note, “40 Days and Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark,” billed as “the world’s largest Christian music festival” coincides with one of our scheduled tours! See links below the blog!

At the Creation Museum: A new Planetarium features laser projection, new exhibits include “Christ, Cross, Consummation” with original artwork that presents the salvation message starting with Genesis, and “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” focuses on Biblical and scientific truths about the unborn. The museum has also added 75,00 square-feet!

More Details…

The “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” points “to the hope and forgiveness that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Artists have created stunning models portraying the journey from fertilized egg to birth.”

4D Special Effects Theater: “The cinema projector generates 34,000 lumens, giving you a bright, crisp image on the big screen. It’s truly an experience to remember!”

The Palm Plaza at the Creation Museum: “Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus” features “artifacts, models, and replicates of what life was like in Israel at the time of Jesus.” The 2021 mezzanine transformation also includes a new cafe.

You Don’t Want To Miss 40 Days and Nights of Concerts!

From August 2, 2021, through September 10, 2021, the “40 Days and 40 Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark” event, Abraham Productions will be presenting several dozen gospel music artists live from the 2,500-seat Answers Center at the Ark Encounter. For this tour, you can opt to enjoy music from some of of your favorite gospel music artists and groups including Down East Boys and The Browders, as well as speaker, Dr. Robert Jeffress.

More Creation Museum Highlights:

      • Family-friendly exhibits featuring 130 static and animatronic figures (humans, animals and dinosaurs) 
      • Fifty-two videos offering dynamic, live-action educational footage 
      • Indoor waterfalls and soaring cypress trees 
      • A special effects theatre providing a visual thrill-ride through the “Seven C’s of History” 
      • A top-flight planetarium, called the Stargazer’s Room, centered around a state- of-the-art Digistar® color projector 
      • A mini-Grand Canyon exhibit with video evidence from the Mount St. Helens’ eruption that, according to AiG officials, shows that it does not take millions of years to form huge geologic features 
      • The Dino Dig Site presenting videos of a Christian paleontologist explaining the biblical view of fossils 
      • A cave where real stalactites and stalagmites grow, showing they do not require millions of years for formation 
      • Noah’s Café, offering food and fellowship with a Noah’s Ark theme 
      • On-site classrooms available for school and church groups 
      • One mile of nature trails zig-zagging around a three-acre lake 
      • A first rate geologic collection of minerals and pristine fossils

Dust off your suitcase, it’s time to explore again! Don’t miss The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum tours with BNT this year. Click on one of the tours below and secure your seat today!

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