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Bob Neff, Jr.’s Top Tour Picks for 2019

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Bob Neff, Jr.’s Top Tour Picks for 2019

Byline: Karen Leslie

We don’t like to hurry time here at BNT; however, this is THE time of year when we are scurrying around polishing up next year’s tour book. It’s a little like the old Sear’s Wish Book where we circle and highlight and bend over the corner of every other page. The thing about traveling—and dreaming of traveling—is that it never gets old (kind of like Bob Neff, Jr.)! So, in the spirit of wishing and dreaming of new travel moments and bucket list tours to come, here’s Bob’s “Top Tour Picks” list for 2019.

Bob’s 2019 Top Picks for Overnight Group Tours

  1. Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park – The Frontier Days Rodeo is a highlight.
  2. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island – Scenery is spectacular and Anne of Green Gables comes to life
  3. Marvelous Michigan and Mackinac Island – Michigan has so much to offer
  4. Bermuda (New) – The pink sand and the Willowbank Resort make this the perfect getaway
  5. Best of Texas – three nights this year at San Antonio’s Riverwalk
  6. Savannah, Charleston and “Gone with the Wind” in Atlanta – back by request
  7. Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum – A must see if you haven’t already
  8. Niagara Falls and the African Lion Safari – Always amazing
  9. Billy Graham Legacy – Library, Gravesite and the Cove
  10. Dollywood and the DreamMore Resort – A great addition to this Smoky Mountains getaway

Bob’s 2019 Top Picks for One Day Group Tours

  1. Museum of the Bible – So much to see.  You will want to go back again.
  2. US Open Tennis – See the pros make it look easy
  3. Into the PA Wilds – So much to see right here in PA
  4. Raystown Lake & Bedford Lake Festival – Always a favorite

What’s on your BNT Wish List?

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