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Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Photo Blog

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Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Photo Blog

Tour Name:  Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Deluxe
Tour Dates:  August 9-20, 2019
Tour Director: Patti Olson
Tour Director Highlights: This trip remains one of our most popular ones over the years, and this year’s journey was exceptional. We had warm, sunny weather the entire time and a group of passengers who delighted in the tour as well as in each other as together we were treated to so many beautiful sights and experiences. There are so many places included in this tour, from Maine to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI to Massachusetts…every day held new wonders. We took many, many photos, as each site evoked the artistic side of us. God’s creation is so diverse and too marvelous for words. If you haven’t made this tour yet, I highly recommend it.
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