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Photo Blog: Alaska By Land & Sea 2018

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Photo Blog: Alaska By Land & Sea 2018

Thank you, Patti Olson, for a fabulous Alaska photo blog of BNT travelers having wonderful fun together traveling the globe.
Tour Director: Patti Olson
Tour: Alaska By Land and Sea 2018
Tour Dates: August 12-26, 2018

Tour Director: “The highlight of the entire trip was the day cruising through Glacier Bay National Park with a park ranger who provided commentary on the amazing sights. The clouds parted to provide a sunny day as the Noordam plied the jade-green and glacier-blue waters at the base of rugged mountains. Numerous glaciers capped mountain peaks and extended down to touch the calm water. Margaret Glacier was an impressive wall of ice, and several thunderous calvings wowed us as we parked in front of it for an hour. It was truly spectacular! As the tour director for this year’s Alaska by Land & Sea, the passengers were energetic and adventurous, wanting to experience as much as they could squeeze into a day. We enjoyed many activities together as well as separate excursions going in many different directions. Then we regathered and shared our experiences. We truly bonded as a group, helping each other, watching out for each other, and enjoying the fellowship that is unique to a Bob Neff tour!”

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