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Play Tulip Trivia!

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Play Tulip Trivia!

Did You Know Trivia Quiz: All About Tulips


Q1. In which century were tulips the most expensive flower?

Q2. Tulips are the symbol of _____.

Q3. The best time to plant tulips is in the ______.

Q4. We can learn a lot about living from tulips because they will bend and twist to grow towards ______.

Q5. To which continent are tulips native?

Q6. Cut tulips in a vase will continue to grow at least another inch. True or False

Q7. Blooms have three petals and three ______.

Q8. Tulips are edible. True or False

Q9. Because of its shape, the tulip originally got its name from the Persian word, _______.

Q10. To what other flower is the tulip “related”?

Q11. Which tulip variety looks almost black?

Q12. The ________________ are the largest producers and exporters of tulips.

Q13. How many various species of tulips are there?

Q14. Which tulip colors means “I’m sorry”?

Q15. Which tulip color symbolizes royalty?

Q16. Which organization uses the tulip as their symbol?

Q17. How many days does a tulip bloom in the Spring?

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