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Submit A Recipe for the BNT Travel Blog

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Submit A Recipe for the BNT Travel Blog

The BNT Recipe Collection Launches!

Over the past year, we’ve been developing the recipe form for our BNT Travel Blog. The first recipe call is for Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes from our staff, tour directors, and travelers. We want to fill the BNT Travel Blog with lots of yummy recipes and traveler stories that shine a light on our Lancaster, PA, location. What a great addition to our BNT Travel Tips, Photo Blogs, and Travel Articles!

If you would like to contribute a recipe or two you’ve had handed down through the family, from your mother or grandmother or neighbor, or maybe one your father or husband has perfected (just not straight out of a cookbook, cooking site, or any place that might have a copyright to the recipe), we’d love to share it on the BNT Travel Blog. There are spaces in this form to include what your family or friends say when you make it, if it travels well, if there’s a story attached to it, etc.. These are optional. The spaces marked with an asterisk * are required.

I’m collecting any high quality photos you may have of your recipe—even as you go through steps of making the recipe—via my email in the form below.

Thank you! Check out our latest recipes: Sauteed Venison Filets and Shoofly Pie! ~Karen (Chronister) Mills

To start: Click on “Your email” and type your email address. Hit “tab.” You will work your way down through the form this way until the end. Click “submit” to send the recipe. Thank you!

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