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Brooklyn Tabernacle and NYC options

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Price per person: $89.00

Walking Guide 2

Walking Guide 2 requires average amount of walking on a level surface; may have stairs, but an elevator or lift is available. This tour level could accommodate a walking aide, such as a wheelchair.

Attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle Worship Service and choose your options for the day!


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Brooklyn Tabernacle
(9/11 Museum/One World Observation Option)

 Sun, Oct 13
$87 Tabernacle & free time

$112 Tabernacle & 9/11 Museum • $117 Tabernacle & One World

Pickup: Lancaster, Ephrata     Lv-6:00 am Rt-9:00 pm

*Experience 11:00 am Brooklyn Tabernacle Worship Service *Optional free time in NYC or visit the 9/11 Museum or the One World Observation *All meals-on own


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