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“The earth belongs to God. Everything
in all the world is His!” -Psalm 24:1

Greece Cruise Tour / Footsteps of Paul

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Price per person: $3975.00

Walking Guide 4

Walking Guide 4 requires good physical condition; considered “active” or physically demanding such as long days of walking, uneven surfaces, water activities, hiking, altitude changes, etc.

So much awaits you on this 11-day vacation.  Stroll the streets of Athens, tour Ephesus, visit the Isle of Patmos, travel to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, and spend two nights in Thessalonica.


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Greece Cruise Tour
Footsteps of Paul

October 13-23, 2021    |    11 days

Price per person:
Standard Inside Cabin $3,975 Double    $4,868 Single
Standard Outside Cabin $4,155 Double    $5,108 Single
Premium Outside Cabin $4,215 Double   $5,168 Single
Deposit – $500 per person at registration ($100 per person non-refundable)

All payments made after deposit must be by check.

Includes round-trip airfare; airport transfers from Lancaster, PA; Breakfast and Dinner daily; all meals on ship; First Class (4 star) lodging and several tours on cruise.

Avoid $ loss; purchase Trip Insurance

♦Passport Booklet (valid 6 months after tour’s return) is required♦

See and hear these powerful words of Scripture portrayed with scenes from the life of Paul at different times during this tour.

Day 1 *Journey to the lands of ancient treasures and Christian history with an overnight flight to Athens *Meals in flight

Day 2 *Check into our hotel and then relax or stroll along the streets of Athens, enjoying the flavor of the city *Enjoy a delectable European-style dinner (D)

Day 3 *Sail this morning from Athens to the quaint isle of Mykonos, called the island of windmills *Experience the waterfront lined with shops and cafes *Stroll the charming walkways through a maze of whitewashed buildings *Dinner and evening entertainment onboard ship (B, L, D)

Day 4 *Dock in Turkey *Tour Ephesus, the city of the Bible and one of the largest restorations still in progress *See the spectacular excavations of major streets, including the Agora, the Odeon, the Library, the marble-paved main Street, the Baths, Trajan’s Fountain, the Residences of the Patricians, the Prytaneum, and Temple of Hadrian *Visit the Isle of Patmos, under statutory protection as an historic monument *Tour the fortified monastery of St. John and the cave claimed to be where John received the Revelation *Enjoy the Captain’s dinner (B, L, D)

Day 5 *Visit Crete, the largest and most rugged of the Greek islands *Tour Heraklion and the fantastic ruins of the Palace of Knossos, believed to be the mythical Labyrinth of King Minos and seat of ancient Minoan culture *Travel to the island of Santorini, perhaps the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands *Opt for a panoramic bus tour, viewing some of the most spectacular scenery of the Aegean *Stroll through Oia, with its many narrow streets, open-air cafes and glittering boutiques *View the lace-like caldera, the little islands of Thirasia, Palea, and Nea Kameni *Dinner and evening entertainment onboard ship (B, L, D)

Day 6 *Disembark and travel toward Corinth, making a photo stop at the Corinth Canal Corinth is the city that inspired many of Paul’s most familiar letters and is a highlight for the New Testament scholar. *See the Archaeological Museum, the Market Place, the Bema, and the Temples *Enjoy a devotional in the midst of the ruins of the church of Corinth *Travel to the Acropolis, hearing about the worship practices during Paul’s stay *View the paved trackway at Diolkos, enabling the transporting of boats overland across the Isthmus of Corinth *Visit Cenchreae, where the Apostle Paul stopped during his second missionary journey, fulfilling a vow to have his hair cut (B, D)

Day 7 *Tour Athens *Visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Erectheum *View Athens atop Mars Hill, where Paul stood and preached the truth to the Gentile nation *Take a panoramic bus tour, viewing the House of Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Olympic Stadium, and Presidential Palace *Opt for a visit to the famous Plaka later this afternoon (B, D)

Day 8 *(Please prepare for a dress code today.)—In Meteroa, women are required to wear skirts below the knee; men, pants *Learn of the famous Spartan battle of 300 at Thermopylae *Drive to Meteroa, seeing the world-famous Byzantine monasteries, perched on summits of gray rock pinnacles The monks sought refuge in the cliffside caves during the 14th century. *Overnight in Meteora (B, D)

Day 9 *Travel into Macedonia, visiting King Phillip’s (Alexander’s father) tomb in Vergina *Stop in Berea to view the ancient synagogue where Paul spoke *Arrive in the delightful harbor city of Thessalonica *Overnight in Thessalonica (1st of 2 nights) (B, D)

Day 10 *Follow the massive battlement Byzantine wall to the citadel for a panoramic view of the city *Visit Philippi and Kavala Paul landed in Kavala, Greece’s prettiest mainland port, along with his disciples, Timothy and Silas, and Luke the Evangelist also visited here. *See the Roman Aqueduct and ruins of the Acropolis *Journey to Philippi, where Paul preached his first evangelical sermon *View the baptismal site where Lydia surrendered her life to Christ *See the famous Acropolis, the Market Place, Basilica and the Theatre *Return to Thessalonica to visit St. Demetrius Basilica (B, D)

Day 11 *Travel to the Thessalonica airport for our flight home and transfer to Lancaster (B)


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