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Hike the Falls

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Price per person: $109.00

Walking Guide 4

Walking Guide 4 requires good physical condition; considered “active” or physically demanding such as long days of walking, uneven surfaces, water activities, hiking, altitude changes, etc.

Grab your hiking gear and explore Ricketts Glen, PA’s most beautiful state park.


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Hike the Falls

Sat, Sep 28    $109

Pickup: Lancaster, Ephrata    Lv-7:00 am Rt-8:30 pm

•Explore Ricketts Glen, PA’s most beautiful state park with more than 22 named waterfalls in mature woods •Choose your hiking route The main course is a 3.5 mile trail with one waterfall after another. Sturdy hiking boots or sneakers with good grip are required. No flip flops or sandals without grips. A good hiking stick is also recommended. Some trails require climbing on stone stairs without railings. Bring your picnic lunch to eat while you hike at your leisure-on own •Evening meal at Texas Roadhouse ($15 meal voucher included)


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