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“The earth belongs to God. Everything
in all the world is His!” -Psalm 24:1

The Creation Museum & The Ark Encounter

Monday, June 20, 2022

Price per person: $819.00

Walking Guide 2

Walking Guide 2 requires average amount of walking on a level surface; may have stairs, but an elevator or lift is available. This tour level could accommodate a walking aide, such as a wheelchair.

See the one-of-a-kind, full-size, all-wood Ark, the largest timber-frame structure in the USA!


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The Creation Museum & The Ark Encounter

June 20-23, 2022 | 4 days

Pickup: Lancaster, Ephrata, Harrisburg    Lv-7:00 am Rt-9:00 pm

Price per person: $819 Double    $922 Single
$757 Triple     $720 Quad
Deposit – $100 per person at registration

3 breakfasts    3 lunches    1 dinner

Day 1 *See United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial and the newly-opened Tower of Voices, near Shanksville, PA *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area  (1st of 3 nights) (D)

Day 2 *Explore Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis *Journey through Biblical history, experiencing God’s Word coming alive and seeing the latest images of stars confirming an all-powerful Creator, not a random bang theory *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area (B, L)

Day 3 *Experience the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY, a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction that is family oriented and environmentally friendly In an entertaining, educational, and immersive way, it presents a number of historical events centered on a full-size, all-wood Ark, which is the largest timber-frame structure in the USA. *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area (B, L)

Day 4 *Drive eastward *Have lunch and tour of Dickinson Cattle Company, the largest Longhorn Ranch in the country (B, L)



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