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Did You Know Tulip Trivia Answers!

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Did You Know Tulip Trivia Answers!

Q1. 1600s. The tulip cost 10 times the average working class yearly wage. The time was known as “Tulip Mania.”
Q2. The arrival of Spring
Q3. Fall
Q4. Light! Even in a vase!
Q5. Central Asia
Q6. True
Q7. Sepals
Q8. True. During WWII, they used tulips to replace onions and even baked tulip bread!
Q9. Turban
Q10. The Lily, which means its related to onions, garlic, and asparagus!
Q11. Queen of the Night is deep purple, but in some lights looks almost black.
Q12. The Netherlands
Q13. 150, but over “3,000 naturally occurring and genetically cultivated varieties” worldwide.
Q14. White
Q15. Purple
Q16. Parkinson’s Disease Foundation after James Parkinson, the doctor for which the disease is named.
Q17. 3-7


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