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Bob Neff Tours

“The earth belongs to God. Everything
in all the world is His!” -Psalm 24:1

Travel Policies

We cordially welcome anyone who wishes to travel with us. However, it should be made clear that our tours are primarily designed to fulfill the interests of Christian people. We begin each day with prayer and enjoy the fellowship of other Christians as we travel. We charter clean, air-conditioned, and lavatory-equipped coaches, include regular meals, periodic rest stops, and a good night’s rest in clean, comfortable, quality hotels.


Bob Neff Tours, Inc. of Lancaster, PA, assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with the services of any train, vessel, carriage, aircraft, motor or other conveyance which may be used wholly or in part, in performance of their duties to participants of any tour described on this website, neither will they be responsible for any act, error, or omission, or for any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger; or for any hotel proprietor, or for any other person engaged in carrying out the itinerary listed on this website.

While no significant changes are anticipated in the published tours, the right is reserved to alter the itinerary for operational reasons, but without deleting any of its components; or to substitute hotels where and when considered advisable for the comfort and welfare of the tour participants.  Any additional expenses incurred due to changes required owing to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, or other causes shall be the responsibility of the individual tour participant.


Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Motorcoach Tour Cancellation Policy
All cancellations are subject to a $10.00 per person cancellation fee for one-day tours; $25.00 per person cancellation fee for overnight tours, PLUS any expenses that cannot be recovered due to vendor deadlines, unless a substitute(s) can be found.  Show tickets are non-refundable 60 days or less prior to tour departure.  No refunds will be given to people who fail to arrive for the tour the day of departure. For all cancellations, if a substitute is found, a full refund will be made with the exception of the $10.00 per person cancellation fee. If you wish to protect yourself from payment of a cancellation penalty due to sickness or death in the immediate family, we recommend that you purchase insurance to cover this loss. An insurance form will be sent to you if you request it, or you may purchase insurance online.

Air/Cruise tour cancellation policy
Cancellations of air, rail, international, cruise and cooperative tours will result in a cancellation fee.  Cancellation fees are determined and passed on to us by our suppliers, and their policy will help determine the cancellation penalties we pass on to you.  As a general rule, after the final payment date, and the closer to the departure date, the fewer monies can be recovered and refunded.  At 2 weeks prior there is no refund.  Regardless of the reason, cancellations or transfers made after the final payment date result in a costly process of letters, toll calls, record adjustments, refund checks, etc. plus loss of non-refundable tickets and accommodations.  Also, refunds are not given on tours for attractions, meals, etc. for which individuals decide not to attend while on the tour.  Cancellation insurance is highly recommended and available.  Note:  On all tours, should one person cancel off a double occupancy reservation, the person canceling will be charged the difference in cost for the other traveler’s single room rate.

We strongly suggest you purchase Travel Insurance since cancellation penalties are more stringent for these tours than regular motorcoach tours.  You may purchase insurance online or call them at 1.800.826.1300.

Motorcoach Tour Transfer Policy
There will not be any service charge for the transfer of monies from one tour to another if done 30 days or more prior to the tour departure date, unless there are non-refundable deposits made for this tour on your behalf. If transfer of monies from one tour to another is made within 30 days prior to the tour’s departure, the result will be a $10.00 per person service charge for one-day tours; $25.00 per person service fee for overnight tours, plus any monies that cannot be recovered that were prepaid on your behalf.

Conduct Policies

Objectionable Conduct
Bob Neff Tours, Inc. reserves the right to reject or terminate the participation of any tour member whose conduct is considered to be objectionable to the other members of the tour.

Cell phone use
Please limit cell phone calls to rest/meal stops.

Tour director services
Tour director services are provided on most tours by a member of the Bob Neff Tours staff unless the tour is being operated in cooperation with another tour company.

Driver, Tour Director Gratutity
Driver Gratuity – The recommended gratuity for a job well done is $3.00 – $5.00 per person per day.  For your convenience, we have enclosed a yellow envelope for your driver’s gratuity.  At the end of the tour, an envelope will be circulated throughout the coach to collect the envelopes.

Tour Director Gratuity – Gratuities for your tour director can be done on an individual basis at the end of the tour.  For your convenience, we have enclosed a green envelope for this gratuity that can be given directly to the tour director.

Other Policies

Please note for all our tours, you must be able to get in and out of the coach. Impaired persons who are physically or mentally challenged are always welcome. If you are bringing a walking aide, please let our office know when you make your reservation. We are happy to make arrangements for a handicapped room and transportation if we know ahead of time. If you need a wheelchair, you must be accompanied by someone who is not limited in walking, and is able to be fully responsible for your care during the trip. On all tours, your level of participation is your decision. If you choose not to partricipate in some activity, we respect that choice. There are no refunds for things you choose not to do; however, it is your vacation, and you can do what’s comfortable for you! We love having you travel with us!

Children ages 6 years or older are welcomed on our tours. Please use your discretion and be sensitive to fellow travelers.

Food allergies that require special menu requests should be mentioned at time of tour registration.

Pictures  While on tour, the tour director will be taking pictures that may be used by Bob Neff Tours for promotional purposes.  If you prefer not to be included in any pictures, please notify the tour director at that time.

Required Travel Documents On all tours, due to increased national security, we suggest you carry a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license). If, due to religious reasons, a photo ID is not available, a non-photo state issued ID or government-issued birth certificate is recommended.

A photo ID is required when you check in at the airport for domestic travel. If you are a U.S. citizen and planning on traveling outside of the United States, after June 1, 2009, you will be required to carry a current passport, regardless of the mode of transportation.

Objectionable Conduct Bob Neff Tours, Inc. reserves the right to reject or terminate the participation of any tour member whose conduct is considered to be objectionable to the other members of the tour.

Motorcoach seat rotation For one-day tours and a few select overnight tours, we do not offer seat rotation. We cannot guarantee special requests.

Flower blossom, fall foliage
Flower blossom, fall foliage tours are scheduled during the times each area holds their festivals, or at a time when the flowers/leaves are considered by BNT to be the best for viewing.

 Hotel rooms typically have two beds in a room; however, more hotels are offering king-size beds.  Therefore, pending availability, married couples may be assigned a room with a king-size bed.  If you prefer two double beds, please notify our office.  If you wish to room three or four in a room, we cannot guarantee you will have any more than the two double beds, as some hotels do not offer roll-aways.  We have requested non-smoking rooms at each hotel.  Should you desire a smoking room, please mark your reservation form or call our office.

A photo ID is required when you check in at the airport for domestic travel. If you are a U.S. citizen and planning on traveling outside of the United States, after June 1, 2009, you will be required to carry a current passport, regardless of the mode of transportation.

Tour cooperation
Tour cooperation with other travel companies has allowed us to offer more travel options to you, both international and domestic.  We are cooperating with familiar names in the travel industry: Christian Tours of North Carolina;   Mayflower Tours and Pilgrim Tours.  We have had past experience working with these companies and feel comfortable recommending them to you. By cooperating with these companies, we are able to provide you with a more extensive list of destination choices than ever before.  If one of these cooperative tours is listed in our tour book, we will also include a complimentary round-trip shuttle to the airport/departure point from Lancaster, PA, or Ephrata, PA.  For most of these tours, the travel company we are cooperating with will provide the tour director.  Please note for bookkeeping records on final payments with Christian tours, only checks are accepted.

*Bob Neff Tours cannot be held responsible for weather* conditions which may affect the appearance of foliage, or the availability of attractions while on tour. Neither is Bob Neff Tours responsible for national security measures that govern access to some attractions or monuments.

♦We reserve the right to substitute attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. when deemed beneficial for the tour.♦

Bob Neff Tours is not responsible for typographical and/or pictorial errors.

Walking Guidelines Keys

1 Requires a minimal amount of walking and no flights of stairs.

2 Requires average amount of walking on a level surface; may have stairs, but no elevator or lift is available.  This tour level could accommodate a walking aide, such as a wheelchair.

3 Requires moderate amount of walking possibly on uneven surfaces; longer and shorter days; possible air travel with long walks to terminal gates.

4 Requires good physical condition; considered “active” or physically demanding such as long days of walking, uneven surfaces, water activities, hiking, altitude changes, etc.