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“The earth belongs to God. Everything
in all the world is His!” -Psalm 24:1

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Great Trains Grand Canyons Photo Blog

Tour: Great Trains & Grand Canyons Tour Director: Patti Olson Dates: November 5-10, 2023 Tour Director Highlights: Our group joined the rest of the passengers with Premier World Discovery tours in Phoenix, then traveled on to Sedona where we checked into a beautiful resort for five nights. Using it as a base of operations, we […]

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sunglasses, world map, beach shoes, sunscreen, passport, planeickets, beach ball, hat and old red suitcase for travel on the wood background.

How To Comment on the BNT Travel Blogs

Byline: Karen Leslie Did you know you can leave a comment on a lot of the BNT Travel Blogs, in particular the Photo Blogs? The comment box will appear at the bottom of the Travel Blog page once you “log in” or register with your email address. This is a great place to share your […]

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Ark Encounter Photo Blog – April 2018

BNT Tour: The Creation Museum & Ark Encounter Tour Directors: Dave & Patti Olson Tour Dates: April 23-26, 2018 Memories? Please type a comment in the box at the bottom of the photo blog. We’d love to hear from you! (If you haven’t registered your email yet, you’ll do that first. Look for this at the bottom of the […]

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