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Museum of the Bible & The Ark Encounter

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Museum of the Bible & The Ark Encounter


Tour Director Thoughts: Museum of the Bible

At the end of November, I got to experience a dream come true: a visit to the brand new Museum of the Bible. It opened November 17, 2017, and we went November 29, 2017. A much anticipated trip as I’ve followed the creating of the museum for a couple years now.  Being a former Bible translator, I was thrilled to hear of Steve Green’s (Owner Hobby Lobby stores) vision to create a scientifically, historically accurate place where people could experience the truth of how Scripture has impacted our lives. From amazing collections of artifacts displayed in creative and interesting ways to the “experiences” of interacting with the Biblical cultures, the Old Testament, and New Testament, this museum out does them all.

In addition to the display and interactive floors of impact, history, and the narrative of the Bible, there is a world class theater and an authentic Israeli food restaurant. We got to watch Amazing Grace in the new two-story theater, and what a fabulous production they’ve picked for their premier production. The theater is built to resemble a tent flapping…and this production of Amazing Grace was fantastic. The voices were beautiful and the setting perfect. It will run through February, but is only the first of many performances, speeches, etc. they hope to house.

Everything in this museum is so thoughtfully, thoroughly, and creatively done. The plan is to have personal, digital “docents” to help guests plan their time most effectively according to your individual interests. It will also feature the ability to record places where you’d like to do further study and research and you’re supposed to be able to print that out or have that emailed to you at the end of your time there. Their literature says it would take nine days to fully see everything in the museum, and I believe it. These “docents” won’t be at any extra cost, but they were not operational yet when we were there. I believe 2018 they will make their debut.

How wonderful we have this treasure so close to us. BNT is planning lots of day trips to this museum in 2018. Everyone on the coach with me said they would love to go back and explore more. Me too! What a wonderful fellowship we shared on the trip and what a treat to be there. Let’s pray for the Lord to use this museum in a powerful way to bring us all to point—that this book is the most important one in the world for every reason, ending with the simple truth that it is God’s Word to us. I’m thankful for the vision of this team to make this incredible museum a reality and I look forward to returning often.

Contributor: Karen Kuch, BNT Tour Director

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