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Billy Graham Leaves A Legacy

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Billy Graham Leaves A Legacy

When we think of the words “legacy” and “faith,” “evangelism” and “man of God,” it’s impossible not to think of Billy Graham. Can you imagine how many lives this one man has touched across the world over the span of a century?

He touched my own child long ago while we listened to Billy preaching on the television. It was another revival, so I listened while I did some paperwork and the kids played. We were all in our big living room having a normal evening. But, my seven year old son was having a moment with God—and Billy led him to it. Gentle. Fervent. Authentic. His young soul was stirred. Every time I lifted my head and looked around, my son was lying on the couch, chin in his hands, listening. Listening.

By the time Billy finished his altar call, my son had scratched out a note and threw at me as he ran up the stairs. It said, “I want to go to haven.”

To haven. That’s what heaven is. That’s what faith is. I felt buoyant as I climbed the stairs. My son was young, but old enough in his spirit to feel the pull. I love that he had his own private moment with nobody watching, and yet, we were there with him. Over two decades later, my son has grown into a gentle, serious-but-quick-to-laugh, kind-hearted husband, father, and son who happens to spend a lot of time fixing up his own haven now.

Billy Graham left a priceless, irreplaceable legacy that doesn’t feel gone, just because he’s moved into a new house. His words echo on through the people who responded to his outstretched hand.

I bet you have a Billy Graham story, too.

p.s. I kept the note.

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