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Panama Canal Photo Blog

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Panama Canal Photo Blog

Tour Name: Panama Canal
Dates: April 13-30, 2019
Tour Director: Patti Olson
Tour Director Highlight:
This was my second time transiting the Panama Canal, and it maintained its allure. The history of its building is so rich and fascinating. Besides the canal itself, we had many port stops, including Cartegena, Colombia; Panama City itself (first time there); and ports in Central America and the Mexican Riviera. Our group had great weather and many colorful encounters in the foreign ports. Cruising through the Panama Canal is on many people’s bucket list. What a privilege to make the journey this year from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to San Diego, California. The weather was perfect—no rain and lots of sunshine to thaw us out after a cold Pennsylvania winter! Each port had a unique character and special local craft and food to discover and enjoy. This is definitely a trip to consider if you have never done it!
[Click on any photo to view as slideshow and read full captions from TD Patti Olson!]

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