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Photo Blog: Israel and Jordan 2018

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Photo Blog: Israel and Jordan 2018

Tour Name: Israel and Jordan

Dates: November 6-17, 2018

Tour Director: Patti Olson

BNT Tour Director Highlights: “If you ask anyone who has visited Israel if you should make the trip to tour the Holy Land, they will all answer positively that it is a must-see at least once in your lifetime. So 31 of us from the Lancaster area traveled to Tel Aviv, joining with Christian Tours there for a fantastic, full exploration of the two countries. We covered both countries from north to south, and in Israel, from east to west, to just about every place of importance mentioned in the Bible. For me, the most eye-opening experience was to travel so many days through such vast wilderness with not a sign of life anywhere and consider that Moses led over 2 million people with their families and animals through this rugged landscape for 40 years, being obedient to God’s direction. Days were full, the terrain at times was challenging, but we all agreed that it was an awesome journey. If you have never visited Israel, Bob Neff Tours offers this trip each year. I highly recommend it.”

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