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Photo Blog: Ricketts Glen

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Photo Blog: Ricketts Glen

From Tour Director Karen Kuch~

2018 was a year of new ideas for BNT. This year we planned a few tours designed for our travelers who wanted more activity. We took ten hearty hikers to Ricketts Glen in the Sprinter van. In fact, I believe this was one of the most diverse group of ten travelers I’ve had the joy of leading. 

First, traveling in the Sprinter is immediately more personal and we had time to get to know one another on the beautiful way there. They say “everything is sweeter when shared with a friend.” The nice thing about the Sprinter is you feel immediately you are traveling with friends as you pile into this fancy Mercedes-made, twelve passenger van with a high top and big windows. We had a perfect weather day, and what a gorgeous place this State Park is! The entire main trail is for the hearty hiker, but even to hike to the first falls is a wonderful experience through the forest and along the creeks leading to the falls. 

The beauty of the trees, the smell of the forest, the sound of the water and water falls, was just fantastic. Isn’t it amazing God created these “sense-full” ways for us to experience His creation? It fills us with the joy of Him. We were so blessed to have the day together. 

Our hikers were amazing…most hiked the 3.5 mile trail around the 22 stunning waterfalls. Two women hiked the “7+” mile version, and lived to tell us! In fact, each one did well and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a Texas Roadhouse meal on the way home, which gave us more time to fellowship, followed by a quiet ride home.

I know each of us was refreshed by the privilege of experiencing God’s creation. We will offer this again in 2019, so get some hiking boots and join us!


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