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BNT Travel Tips: Smart Packing Is Smart Touring

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BNT Travel Tips: Smart Packing Is Smart Touring

Byline Karen Mills—When packing for a BNT group tour to a “bucket list” destination or on your own, think smart, light, and organized. Smart packing is essential and easy. The beauty of group touring is the luxury of enjoying the adventure without any of the planning headaches. You’ll get exceptional rates on excursions, ticket prices, and meals. Plus, you’ll be traveling with old friends—or, you’re about to make new ones! All you need to do is show up in time to catch a comfortable, well-appointed motorcoach carrying a well-stocked suitcase. At BNT, we believe smart packing is smart group touring.

Here are a few tips for smart packing:

  • Zippered packing cubes (they come in multiple sizes) eliminate searching through suitcases for small or special items.
  • External battery chargers extend the life of a phone, iPad, or computer when traveling long hours or in a foreign country.
  • Flexible liquid tubes (3 oz. or less to comply with airline rules for your shampoo, soaps, etc.). Their flexibility absorbs shock without leaking and take up less space when empty.
  • Bring a lightweight and packable hat—no more “bad hair days!”
  • Silk long underwear provide ultra-thin warmth for colder locations.
  • Shoulder or cross-body bags leave your hands free to take photos or grab onto railings.
  • Pack duck shoes or your favorite rubber boots so your feet stay dry. You’ll have great traction when adventuring with your group.
  • Packable bags and raingear are perfect companions to tour and shop longer in wet weather.
  • The “Notes” on your smart phone keep family and medical information immediately available.
  • Your “Health App” on your iPhone allows you to add medical information AND keep track of your steps!
  • Don’t forget a wrinkle-free shirt and dress for special BNT dinners.

One more tip: roll your clothes for more space in your suitcase and less wrinkles!

Happy Traveling!

iPhone health app icon. Be sure to enter in your medical information before leaving on a BNT group tour! Smart Packing!



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