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Tour Director Marge Sherid: Living the Life!

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Tour Director Marge Sherid: Living the Life!


Name:  Marge Sherid

Marge Sherid


Grew up in booming town of Gap, PA and since married have lived in Strasburg, Lancaster, and now Willow Street.

Years Tour Directing: More than 20 years

Travel Bible Verse:

Phil 4:13, I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength!

How many miles you’ve traveled (guess!):  I have absolutely no idea!  As far as Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Nova Scotia, and south to Texas, and many states in between!  You do the math! 😊

Family & Background:

Born and raised in Lancaster County by wonderful Christian parents, who are now in Heaven. Married Ray Sherid in 1979 after graduating from Lancaster BiblevCollege, working at WDAC Radio since graduation. We adopted our Briahna in 1995 from Thailand.

When I say “BNT Tour Director,” what pops into your mind?

Excitement!  Where are we going?  Who will I meet on this tour?  Who will the driver be?

What does “a day in the life of Tour Director” look like…

Starts early, making sure everything is organized, praying the day goes smoothly, counting heads, keeping us on schedule so we don’t get behind, and spending time with my travelers.

Favorite BNT tours? 

There are many, but I think Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Mackinaw are probably my favorite tours.

Funniest memory as a tour director? 

Being put in the front row of a comedy show and being made the target for the comedian…hilarious!!  Never laughed so much in my life!!

What is key to your work?  Being organized, and learning to go with the flow, must be Flexible!!

Top 3 Traveling Tips:  Focus, Relax, and Enjoy!!

What do you believe you uniquely bring to tour directing?

Hard to say, but I love being with people and sharing life with them!

What have YOU learned as a tour director?

So many things, mainly to relax and know that I can’t control everything!!

Tours you’re looking forward to?

Been many places, but someday would love to go to Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and Hawaii is also on my bucket list!

And where would you return again and again, given the chance?

To any beach!  I love spending time near the water!  Cape May is one of my favorite places!

Three Words…  I Love It!  😊

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