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You Might Be A Mystery Tour Traveler If…

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You Might Be A Mystery Tour Traveler If…

You could describe yourself as one or all of the following:

Adventurous…Spontaneous…Like to Be Surprised…Joy of Giving and Receiving…Optimistic…A Traveler – Not a Tourist…Part-Sleuth…The One Who Guesses Presents Before Opening!…The One Who’s Content to Wait Until It’s Time to Open A Present!…Anti-Control-Freak…SomeoneWho Wants A Little Getaway (without the hassle of planning or making decisions!)…Someone Who Wants to Go Where BNT Has Not Gone Before…Fixed Price Travel…Someone Who Lets the Travel Details to A Pro…Someone Who Doesn’t Need to Know…More than “Is it Warm or Cold?” And “How Much & When Do I Show Up?”…All Fun, None of the Work…Guessing Games…Travel Just for the Fun of It!

The Mystery Tour Traveler is a special person. We’ve tried to describe them here, but, as you can see, we can’t quite pin them down. Okay, maybe we could winnow the mystery traveler’s main traits down to: Adventurous, Spontaneous, Trusts BNT.

No matter, we are dedicated to the mystery traveler because of their trust in us, more than anything. Tour planners work hard behind the scenes every year to put together several mystery “experiences” that will be both fun and full of surprises. We attend travel shows and talk to fellow travel specialists. We consider our unique BNT culture of Christian Travel and Fellowship and make sure we haven’t journeyed “there” in the past 5 years. Then, we pair the tour with a tour director who can keep surprises to themselves as long as possible (sometimes it’s hard!).

We can’t tell you much about upcoming Mystery Tours (the last one is September 25-28), but we can tell you what we consider when we plan, and what our own BNT Mystery Travelers have said over the years.

When It Comes to BNT Mystery Travel, Some Things Are Constant:

  • If a cruise is included, we generally choose a river cruise, because calmer waters means no motion sickness.
  • Usually some walking is involved – Average Walking Score: 3 out of 4
  • Hub & Spoke Overnight – We like to stay in the same hotel each night, but mix it up with different meals
  • BNT hasn’t gone to this location in the last 5 years.
  • The entire trip is a mystery! You usually find out 15 minutes before you arrive what the attraction or destination is.

BNT Mystery Travelers Love the Little Mysteries, While Focusing on the Big Important Things…

 “We board a large coach with anticipation and wonder, for we do not know what we will be doing for the day or next few days, but we do know that it will be delightful and full of adventure…We enjoy the thoughtfulness of choices of businesses, activities and places we visit and explore on the mystery trips.”

“I like the mystery tours because I like the surprise of finding out where we are going.”

“This tour was so well planned and had many delightful stops. The American Museum was unbelievable. The guide to the tour of Valley Forge was excellent. We were surprised with the lunch buffet being paid for, and the dinner restaurant was great food and great service.”

“The welcoming atmosphere and kindness of the staff are unparalleled! Everyone took care of us as if we were family. We will definitely be back, all four of us!”

“I find all your tour bus drivers and directors friendly and cordial, and I love the Christian atmosphere. It’s my pleasure to travel with you!”

“Fabulous touring experience; good opportunity to make friends and visit again.”

“BNT is an enjoyable experience.  The staff is amazing.”

“Thank you, Bob Neff and associates for the mystery trips filled with pictures, history, displays and experiences from yesteryear.  We wish for many more mystery trips filled with wonderful things and places to visit. We cannot wait.”

Grab your seat on the next BNT Mystery Tour today—We’ll Take You There!

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